Bringing Light To Your Area Of Darkness

     Our experience with Jennifer was inspirational. Our basement had looked as if we had run 6 years of daycare in it and never stopped to clean it up. At the same time, we were wanting to put our home up for sale and this was continually holding us back. We had stock piled 20 years of clothing, old beds, baby items, everything under the sun and continually had grand ideas on what to do with it, yet my spouse and I simply could not come to terms on the same idea. Jennifer came over and got us going in the right direction. We sorted through all of the items and began separating into multiple categories. We have since gotten rid of items, made a sell pile and even found things that had been missing for multiple years. I can't say enough how vitally important it was to have someone come into the house to get the project kick started. Without this we simply would've either shoved everything aside, or tried to sell the house as is and most likely paid for it later. I urge you to get in touch with Jennifer if you are struggling with the confidence of tackling an organizational project in the home by yourself. She will help you get your project well underway to a successful completion in minimal time, she even called back to get a status report a few days later!!!!



     Jennifer helped me organize a bedroom that my two daughters share. Their room was a mess and I did not know where to start. Jennifer organized a plan that works much better for my two girls and for me. Their room has stayed picked up and organized. I am very happy and so are my girls! Thanks Jennifer!



     I cannot thank you enough Jennifer for your help "de-cluttering" my house and my life. The ideas and help you gave me in organizing my closets has truly been beneficial and has made a world of difference. Having you there to help me sort through and keep only what I really need along with organzing my closets has not only saved me time but has given me a sense of freedom from all the unnecessary clutter in my life that I was able to part with. I will call you back when it is time to organize my kitchen!!